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Family Information Systems (IS)

Information systems means some organised collection of meaningful data which is presentable (and informative) to others interested.
The result might be a book, or film, a collection of slides, or a web site.

Thus there are 2 stages:
A. The collection and organisation of family history data.
B. The presentation of family history data.

In this digital age the data may still begin with paper documents which are more versatile when digitised.
There may be many photos which can be an impediment to progress with this work.
With digital cameras we take too many photos but pay for this ability to choose the best by requiring that we do make the choices and discard excess.

What follows is help to create an information system using digital or computer files.
While focussed on creation of web pages, other results - especially a book - are possible.
(That a book is not the focus here is because web pages are easily amended while books are not.)

The Royal Family Information System

The link given in the title of this section takes you to authentication where
you will need a username and a password.

An example has been created to demonstrate the usefulness of webpages to present a family history.

Presenting digital information

The link given in the title of this section takes you to different authentication where
you will need a different username and a password. (Mar 2021 - under construction)

Presentations desribed are:
1. Windows PC with TV connected using HDMI.
2. Android TV box with TV connected using HDMI.
3. Android tablet alone.
4. Android phone alone and using casting to a TV box or Chromecast.
1. Available browser plus web pages.
2. Slide software in particular lightGallery.