Google Sites for our genealogy.

The big idea is that Google Sites provide an easy way to publish information for everybody or a restricted few.

Who publishes? The Developer does (me at the moment!). Permitted Editors can finish the job (I think?).

Who is it for? The Viewer.

If Viewer is everybody:
    The URL or site address can be given to the browser, and anybody can view the contents.
If Viewer is restricted:
    You need to be logged in, preferably or definitely with a gmail address before you view contents.
    (I think that it is definitely a gmail address but I cannot test this directly. When confirmed this page will update).

Developing a Google Site

I made some pages which walked through a development of a Google Site here.

Viewing a Google Site

Links will be posted below and in the Facebook closed group "Anderson Gen".
Click on a link and you go there provided you have logged in with an accepted email address.

Gmail address

Google for info on how to get one. You don't have to use it except for restricted Google Sites.
And you can make your own Google Sites!

Closed Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook account then you can join a closed group. While this group is totally private, your FB account may not be but you can fix that with some effort.
The upside is that you can comment and all in the group can see it.
Beats emailing which is the alternative, perhaps!

The Links

April 19th, 2021 - the slideshow