1. Introduction 2. New site
3. Add text, images 4. Another page
5. Different layouts 6. Facebook link 7. Restrict access to GS

Using Google Sites & Facebook.

Publishing on Facebook has limitations in that new posts push older ones down - and out of sight, often.
One post can be pinned and this one can have at least one link to external pages - such as with Google Sites.
Web pages on the new (not Classic) Google Sites are quite easy to make and involve no coding.

I recommend this method as a way of sharing illustrated stories with friends and family.

1. 100MB per site and max file size = 20MB.
2. Unlimited pages per site.
3. No more than 10 sites every 5 days. Limit on number of sites is unknown...
The limitations vary from free to paid options. Google to check. Plenty of scope for personal use however.


Images and text

Your photos and text are prepared beforehand. Text in plain text files is best.

Gmail  account

You really need a gmail.com "email" account for this to work. No need to use the email capabilities unless you have to. And you get access to the Google ecosystem which include free storage in Google Drive.

So .. login and proceed...

Find Google Sites

Yes .. use Google to find Google Sites is the easiest way!!
Here it is.
1. Click the Sign-in link.
2. Choose an account and/or enter your gmail address
3. Enter the password required ...
... and you will see the Google Sites workarea.
I have already created a "Site" for Unknown Settlers. It is there under "Recent sites". We will "Start a new site"

Start a new site by (a) Clicking the Blank template, or (b) Choose a different template.