Installing Apps - Minix Neo X8-H Plus

1. Get app from Google Playstore

2. Put app shortcut in the Metro home screen

3. Delete the app.

1. Get app from Google Playstore.

After installation there will be a shortcut in the All Apps screen.

2. Put app shortcut in the Metro home screen.

Go to the Metro Home Screen. On my screen there are 3 shortcut icons already at bottom left.

We will add our new App as a shortcut.


Using the Minix remote control, move to select the white + in the green square at the bottom.

Use the ring control to move ← ↑ → ↓.

A narrow white outline around the icon shows selection.


Now press OK - to add an App.


We see above the 3 shortcuts with green ticks in the wee white box (having been chosen and confirmed before).

The topmost Apps are shown. Use the Minix remote to move down to find the App required (AccuRadio).

When selected, press OK - to get the green arrow in the wee white box inside the AccuRadio tile.


Move to the Confirm button. (This may mean that all the Apps scroll past). When the Confirm button is selected, press OK.


The Metro Home Screen now shows the AccuRadio icon - for quick access.


3. Delete the app.

If any App is not required, you can remove it completely from your Minix.