Stories illustrated with pictures


2.1. More text.
2.2. Few pictures?
2.3. These stories may be broken into chapters with separately linked pages per chapter.
2.4 Authoring is made easy using SeaMonkey's Composer.

Oamaru Banks



3.1. Larger pics (350px across) are arranged in 3column table with brief descriptions.
3.2. Like the old photo albums.
3.3. If a larger pic is available, then click the album pic to replace the page with this larger pic.
3.4. Magnify and return as above (steps 1.4 to 1.8)

Oamaru town as gallery

Thumbnail pictures in the left column


1.1. Pictures are accompanied by brief text descriptions.
1.2. Thumbnail pics (100px wide) reveal a larger pic (500px longest side) when hovered on.
1.3. Click thumbnail to replace page with fullsize pic.
1.4. There may be an option to "magnify" part of the fullsize pic.
1.5. Chrome permits clicking on the part of interest and makes it the centre of magnification.
1.6. A second click reduces to fullsize in the browser window again.
1.7. Which permits another magnification - of a different part of the picture (ideal for group photos - examine people one-at-a-time!).
1.8. Use back button (top left browser, left-of-Home-button on Android phone, dedicated button on mouse ....) to return to Thumbnail page.

Oamaru Town

Rail Trail

Audio & Video

Web pages can link usefully to audio and video files. These media files can be on the computer (for offline streaming) or somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo) for online streaming. Online streaming will be subject to download speeds. Offline streaming will not have ads (like YouTube).

Both methods are described for the two main varieties of story-telling above.

Oamaru town - 3col

+ audio, video

Oamaru town - simple

+ audio, video