Use phpMyAdmin to add a contributor record.

phpMyAdmin offers no menu option to add a record to any table. You need to open a SQL text box.

Use SQL to add a contributor record.

1. With the text box open in phpMyAdmin, make room for a NotePad window.

2. Open the text file (handy-SQL.txt). Look for this command.


Ideally you should enter replacement data for every value marked by the red rectangle.

The last value can be obtained by deleting the words that do not apply.

If the contributor is to access this data on-line then these things must happen:

(i) the email address must be entered correctly,

(ii) the password must be entered via a web page which ensure that php encryption is applying.

(iii) the contributor must be sent an email with current password and instructed to change it as soon as possible.

3. At least Fname and Sname should be entered! If there is no email address then no one apart from Administrators can view the private data.

4. With the NotePad window next to the phpMyAdmin window, you can copy and paste your amended SQL into the SQL box.


5. Click Go.

If there is no error, you will see -


- and if you Browse the table ...


Use php web page to add a contributor record.

This method is preferred as the Contributor enters their own data and sets their own password (which the php encrypts).