Use phpMyAdmin to add a payment to the Payment table.

phpMyAdmin offers no menu option to add a record to any table. You need to open a SQL text box.

Use SQL to add a contributor record.

1. With the text box open in phpMyAdmin, make room for a NotePad window.

2. Open the text file (handy-SQL.txt). Look for this command.


Ideally you should enter replacement data for every value marked by the red rectangle.

Some values can be obtained by deleting the words that do not apply.

The id number is found by searching for the contributor.

3. Find the contributor using an SQL command. Examples are - finding Mrs July, Mr February:


4. The example data is a donation by Mr February. Place the NotePad window alongside the phpMyAdmin window. Copy and paste the SQL to find Mr February.

5. Click Go. If successful, we will see the ID number of Mr Feburary and can enter it in the SQL script to complete it.


6. Now copy and paste the amended SQL into the SQL text box and click Go.


7. The result is -


8. And if you Browse the table you see the added record (in the red rectangle).