Use phpMyAdmin to update data in the Contributor table.

If the table is not too large you may be able to browse to the record and Edit it.

In this example we are about to enter an email address for Mr February.

1. Click to choose Contributor table.


2. Double-click on the empty Email cell. An editing box opens and we can enter the email address.


3. Click away from the editing box, a progress wheel spins then the update is done.

An existing entry can be changed, of course.

Using SQL - to find the contributor

If the table is large then you must first search for the contributor. Examples are for Mrs July, Mr February:


These examples are in the handy-SQL.txt text file which is opened in NotePad.

We need to update Mr February to add his country.

4. Copy and paste the lower SQL command into the SQL text box. Click Go.

5. You can make an edit in the result (with a double-click on the value). The country is being changed.


If you prefer, click on Edit and make changes in the record window.


Use SQL - to update a contributor.

Having found the ID of the contributor, you can update any value for this contributor following this pattern:


This is more difficult than the edit method described above but the UPDATE command can be used for batch updates (not described here).