Payment table is linked to Contributor table.

The Payment table does not show contributor's names - only their ID's.

A search will find a contributor's ID and this can be used to search the Payment table to effect an update.

A better way is to use an updatable View. One is ready - the UpdatePayment view.

Use phpMyAdmin to update data in the UpdatePayment view.

Update Payment

1. If the number of records is not large we can open the view for browsing and locate the contributor by inspection.

Note that some data belongs to the Contributor table (and may be repeated - see red rectangle). You cannot update values derived from both tables in the one operation.


First we fix Mr February's donation details.

Although we can edit directly with a double-click, this is to be avoided as an warning message usually shows.

2. Better to click on Edit in the correct row (for Mr February's donation) and edit the record thus:


3. Click Go to finish and after a short delay we see the update view with a warning message.


4. To confirm the update you may wish to go to the Payment table and look for it there (Note the ID for Mr February is 2 and his PayID is 3).

If the view is large and contains a lot of records, you can search it. An example is -


Result -


- and you can click Edit and make changes as done above. Note that an extra record is found at PayID = 21! (Me playing with the table!!).

Update Contributor

In a separate update (one that involves the Contributor table only) we can update the contributor status.

Mr February is to have the status of Member.

Choose to Edit either row 2 or row 3 in the original view (above under 1). If you have to search like above, then click Edit on any of the rows to edit the view record.


The Member Status is changed from Committee to Member. Click Go.


Again there is a warning, but the update goes ahead and can be viewed in the Contributor table.

Just the one change is made in the Contributor table, but you will see that 3 rows have been changed in the view because of that.