Thunderbird - new profile - (Windows 10)

1. Use a Desktop icon (a shortcut) for Thunderbird. If you do not have one then go to the All Apps, scroll to Mozilla Thunderbird and drag its icon onto the Desktop.


2. In the screenshot above I have right-clicked the Desktop icon. The menu shows how to pin/unpin the small Thunderbird icon to the Taskbar.


3. By right-clicking the Desktop icon and choosing Properties, I can change the Target property to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -p, and save.

4. When Thunderbird is launched from this icon, the -p will cause the Profile Manager to be opened first. A new profile can be created at this point or one can be chosen for the current email work.


5. I have 2 profiles already and wish to create a third. Click Start Thunderbird.


6. Click Next.


7. New profile name can be entered.


8. I chose to Skip Integration.


9. Thunderbird offers to find an new email address but I have one already. This is entered.


10. Thunderbird tries anyway to find an unused available email address. I can choose the "Skip this and use my existing email".


11. The account is set up inside Thunderbird as shown. The address and password has been previously created (at the LWRMS website).


12. Thunderbird makes an effort to check this configuration. Defaults are accepted at this stage.


13. Thunderbird flags a possible security problem. The exception is confirmed as I am responsible for this site.


14. And the connection is made followed by a download of mail. Everything seems in order.