Applications and Files and Folders

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Applications (or Apps)

To get things done with a computer (ie desktop, laptop, tablet, smart-phone etc) you must use an app.
When you launch (start using) an app, the computer becomes a tool to
(1) compose, send and receive emails - using an "Email client" app eg Thunderbird
(2) compose, write and print documents - using a "Wordprocessor" app eg Open Office Writer
(3) browse the Internet, viewing web pages - using a "Browser" eg Firefox
(4) display photos as in a slideshow - using a viewer app eg Gallery (on a phone)
(5) draw and paint images - using a Paint app eg MS Paint
Whatever work you do can be stored in the computer for later usage. This is called "Saving" and the object you Save is a digital file.
Work can be discarded. Few would want to store a phone conversation but it could be saved. Few would discard a document which might take an hour to create, but you can ignore warnings and close the computer without saving your work.
Work saved is stored as digital files, and the storage areas are called folders.


Storage areas can be viewed using apps like "File Explorer" (Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows), "Finder" in the Apple Mac systems, and ES File Explorer in Android Systems. We shall use File Explorer. One click on this icon launches FE.
Generally FE opens at Quick Access. We see the following regions with yellow icons representing folders (like the one arrowed).
One the left is a window "pane" which shows structure of the collection of folders.
Finally we see a pane headed "Recent files" where you can expect to quickly find recent work to continue (if you wish).
Lets look more at the Pictures folder. We see an image inside the yellow folder. Double-click the Pictures folder.
On the left I clicked an arrow beside "Pictures" and revealed the two folders inside this folder.
MyPhotos has nothing inside. It will be suitable storage for photo files from my camera or phone.
numbers folder has some files inside which we look at later.
Also on the left we see a label given to a hard disk ( New Volume (C:) ) which is the main mass storage device inside the computer.
Finally, in a small box (upper middle) we see "This PC > Pictures" which shows a path between the root of all folders and the folder being used.