Applications and Files and Folders

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Folder structure (a tree)

We may know how to keep files in a cabinet or even a box on the floor.
It helps if similar work is put into partitions (folders). We can find stuff easier by inspection.
We may even put folders inside folders eg a folder labelled "Drawings" might also have subfolders labelled "Buildings", "Birds" etc depending on the subject matter that has been chosen to draw. And of course we might be able to have subfolders of "Buildings" such as "Houses", "Churches" etc.
This is much easier with computer folders.
On the computer the entire filing cabinet (or box) is the hard disk drive or C:
A better understanding of its storage is gained by using a tree analogy.
The trunk is referred to as the "ROOT" in computer storage and in other computer tree structures.
One example is shown of a folder with a subfolder and there are others even with subfolders inside subfolders.
Computer files are the leaves of the tree.
(Note that another name for folder is directory. Directory is an older term but still used)

Files and the Path

Inside the numbers folder are a lot of image files.
Using the left pane to navigate we see some of these files in the right pane.
The path to a file is like moving from the "root" along the branches to the leaf.

The user's path to these files is marked by the red rectangle.

File Explorer (and Windows Explorer) has had to manage all users who make use of the single computer hosting their files.
As a result these images belong to a User named This User, and the user's path to these files is made easier than the real path.
So the current user's path to these files is This PC > Pictures > numbers.
The real path is C drive > Users > This User > Pictures > numbers .... (which is formally written as C:\Users\This User\Pictures\numbers).
In the left pane you should see the path (picked out in a red line), marked by down arrows, to the folder highlighted in blue.