Applications and Files and Folders

HOME Windows Menu 1. Applications (Apps) 2. Folder structure 3. Organise images 4. Folder sublevel 5. Move the files

Move the files into folders

When I move or copy files I open TWO Explorer windows.
One will be the SOURCE of the files,
the other is the DESTINATION.
Open a new File Explorer window by holding down the windows key winkey.jpg and tapping E.
Drag window edges until you can see them side-by-side or do this (Win 7 and later) ... a window and hold down that windows key again and tap the RIGHT key (to make the window occupy the right half of the screen), now select the other window and hold down that windows key again and tap the LEFT key (and the second window occupies the left side of the screen).
TWO windows each giving a different view of the SAME filing system.

Work with the Source and the Destination

The screen shot below shows SOURCE on the right, DESTINATION on the left.
I have scrolled down to locate the "8's" and I have begun to move the 8blackonblue.jpg file.
The method is "drag-n-drop". I place the pointer on the icon of the file then hold the mouse button down and move the pointer to the blue-b folder (blue background).
This takes practice. When you use these files you will get plenty of practice!