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Microsoft offers on-line storage for rent and 5GB for free. There are good reasons for using on-line storage.
1. Secure, and private, enough for personal files.
2. Safe enough and, due to company policies, more able to withstand hardware failure than personal computers. One should backup in more than one place when preserving important files.
3. Share with others on authorised access.

Lets go through the procedure to "sign-up" for OneDrive.
We will go for the 5GB option which is free. It allows us to "try before buy".

Finding OneDrive

Google "onedrive" and the link can be found. Click the link and this screen appears.
Note the URL in the address line. Bookmark this for later.
Choose "Sign up for free".


Signing Up

Microsoft requires some details from you.
I used a gmail account (which I had to change later) but any working email account will do.
The email account URL will be your Username and the your Password (as entered here) will be used to sign in.