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Download structure

While you can download folders/files from OneDrive and put them anywhere on your computer,
it may be best to duplicate the folder structure used on OneDrive.

(If you are downloading web pages it is absolutely essential for the folders and files to be correctly named and in the correct places.
Linking between web pages will not work if names and folder structures are different.)

Even if you have existing folder structures it may be a good idea to check these.
I usually make a zip file containing the empty folders for this purpose.

To overcome a problem with some browsers, the zip file is renamed thus:


Download the .rename file. Copy to a suitable folder and rename as follows:
numbersStruct.rename =

The extension ( .zip ) is important so ensure that the name change is carefully accomplished.


Above we see the parent folder is OneDriveStore. In it the file numbersStruct.rename is about to be renamed.


With the filename extension as  .zip  a right-click gives us a menu which allows us to Extract All... to the current parent folder.


This window opens to allow us to change the parent folder if desired. We keep with the choice made earlier and extract to the current folder.


As a result we see the numbers folder created ...
... and if we expand the folders, we see the subfolders as well.
The structure is now there (a) to check on local storage (b) to provide a place to store downloaded files in the same way as on OneDrive.